Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A perfect day

Ever have one of those days - one where everything makes you feel good... well I got to spend a rare day with my friend Annie and we decided to check out a couple of scrapbook shops neither of us had been to (shock horror gasp). So off we drove and after a few minor detours found the first and had a lovely time,  I even got to say hi to someone I haven't seen for a while.

We then decided we needed some sustenance and just pulled up in front of this amazing cafe. It was part bookshop, part cafe, part lounge and just pure eye candy to me. This is a shot of one of the walls and this is why my camera goes everywhere with me.

The bonus was the food - we had bacon & eggs for lunch - it was just that kind of a day - sigh.

With a bit of reluctance we set off to find the next store and again had a lovely time looking (and yes spending a little money). Set off home and got back in time to have a cuppa before Annie had to pick up her son from school - so we felt we had achieved a lot in the perfect amount of time.

I wish there were more days like that.

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