Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seriously Spring

Ok - September comes rolling around and with it comes the urge to purge and that's just what I've been up to. I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing clean surfaces and things neatly put where they belong (and STAYING THAT WAY) - sorry that was aimed at my family.

Yesterday was a novelty for us - NO sport for the kids - Netball has ended for the year and cricket starts up in a few weeks (well for the girls, for my hubby it started yesterday) which prompted me to clean out the office. Scott has been holed up in there for what seems like weeks with various committees that he is on as well as work and it was beginning to look like a tip and I was sure no one could find anything. So off he went & in I went. He now has neat pile of various things and I can see desk (and floor) and there were no complaints about it when he got home. That got me looking for the next room to tackle - think it will be the laundry.

Another great thing about spring is the lovely early mornings and even though it was still technically winter when I took this shot, it shows the stillness of the early morn before everyone got up at the Joyful Scraps weekend.

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