Saturday, April 30, 2011

First go get a cuppa - this is a long post..

You may wonder what happens to all the cards that I make for classes, competitions and just in general...well on this wet day I thought I would tell you before I go to make some more cards - mojo's back baby!!

I started off crafting over 10 years ago and made cards as I have always loved playing with paper and colour. I was then introduced to scrap booking and loved that I could combine so many of the techniques with both crafts. I started teaching card classes and scrap booking classes at my not so local SS and loved having to push my thought processes to come up with something different each time that also made customers think about what they used and how to use get the most out of it.

After a few years I moved on to a more local SS and was teaching there up until last year, I was also on two design teams and made heaps of projects for display and classes. Now scrapbook pages have a home in albums, but over all those years I kept the cards in folders, so I knew what I had taught and not repeat myself, but they were mounting up and taking up a lot of room and it seemed such a waste (as I generally custom make cards that I give to friends and family).

So I went through and together with envelopes individually packaged them in cellophane bags and donated them to Mona Vales Hospital's axillary to sell on their monthly stalls. So if you are ever on the Northern Beaches and see a stall at Avalon, Newport or Mona Vale, then look out for my cards and grab yourself a is going to a good cause.

You may think that it ends with the one donation, but it doesn't... I have accumulated an obscene amount of product over the last decade and have set myself a task of going through it all and deciding what I really will use and what I just bought cos it was sooooo nice and am  creating more cards to keep donating.

I am not a selfless person, I am also making cards to sell later in the year with a friend. Just remember if you find yourself with an overflow of product, consider making cards and donating them to a worthy cause in your area, you will feel good making something and knowing that it is helping at the same time is an extra buzz - the perfect thing to do on a rainy old day .....after you finish your cuppa.

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