Monday, January 23, 2012

A layout a week

Ha! I did actually say that I would try to do this, but so far no mojo for layouts....that is until this morning. I had a visit from LeAnne (and Sam) and she bought over a Fancy Pants Design Brag Book which I had ordered ages ago but had been unable to pick up.

When I ordered it, I had no grand design for it - I just needed to have it....and now the reason I needed it is clear. I am actually going to use it for me....well to be more accurate, about me. It is going to be filled with anecdotes, pics of me growing up, stuff about me that my kids (and most of my friends) don't know, bits and pieces of the then & the now. So that my family will have some idea of who I am, other than chef, chauffeur, nurse, housekeeper and general dogsbody. That I am a person who was (is) quirky and has very eclectic tastes in all sorts of things, from music to art, book & movies. I am a controlled hoarder and as such I have stuff to go in there as well. It is not going to be thought out, it will be a hodgepodge, hopefully something that will be a page turner.

Well that's the plan, I can only hope it works out. So while it may not be a layout as such, it is a project and right now I am going through my stash to find appropriate bits & bobs to embellish with.

Now, about those layouts, I hope to be scrapping once a month with some other scrappy ladies and hopefully it will prove fruitful. If so, I will post pics of them as I go, so while it may not be a layout a week, it may end up being a layout a month....and that's better than none at all.


  1. go Peta go, go Peta go
    goooooo Peta!

    I hope I get to have a look see in the book, I love my journals not to be too thought out, just a bit of this and a bit of whats on my craft desk at the time so I cant wait to see yours.

    you inspired me too, came home and am nearly finished one double layout and two cards whooo hoo :)

  2. whoo hoo to you too. have made a strat on the covers already...will post them when done and then post the inne pages as I do them.