Friday, January 20, 2012

Time stood still

I was going to call this post Groundhog Day, but while you might get the reference I don't suppose it's completely accurate. Neither is the actual title of this post, though for one brief moment it did and I forgot to breathe.

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I had tests the other day and the results are that the cancer has returned (or never went completely as my last tests were inconclusive) and I have to have surgery and then the radioactive iodine ablation once again. It seemed sooo 2011...the same time of year, the same news, the same course of action.

My 13 year old is now 14 and so when I got home from the doctor and told both the girls, she said " so once this is done AGAIN, will that be it" and I had to tell her "I hope so, but there are no guarantees, and so we will just do it and get on with life and just see what happens and if it does come back, we will do the same again and we will keep on doing it until it gives up".

I am no saint and there was a LOT of swearing before I got home, but this time I am just mad, not scared. I know what to expect...been there, done that, got the tee shirt. I think it has to be my turn to win.
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