Thursday, April 26, 2012

We have liftoff

Well, sort of... The latest in the never ending saga that is my life is that (yay) Thyrogen is available again, but oh the hoops and the drama surrounding the getting of it. I won't go into the boring details of last week's drama after the visit to the endo, let's just say my therapist is a gem and doesn't mind driveway consultations at 7pm after panicky phone messages.

I was told to be at the endo's this morning at 8.30 to pick up the script (after phoning the rare pharmacy that had it and holding it for me)...she got in at 9 (obviously a miscommunication). I then raced (at a snail's pace) through the late peak hour traffic to North Shore Private, found a parking spot and then had to wait 1/2 hr for it to be filled. Pay for parking, and zoom back home to put it in the fridge and then off to work....only took 3 hours all up, but I have it now and an appointment with Nuclear Medicine at RNS next Wed for the pre-ablation consult and hopefully get a date to have it done, then make appointments for my Thyrogen injections prior. It's all a go here, thank goodness I have a very understanding boss.

I am re-reading this and it does sound a bit garbled, but this has been the pace this week and fighting off a cold - I think it has won and I am off to bed.

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