Sunday, January 20, 2013

Art Journal page 1

Well I did it... I made my first art journal page and it was so much fun. I found approaching it like I did the sheArt canvas made it that much easier. The background was easy and once I started with the face, it all just came together (the little birdie made an encore appearance). There is still some more journaling to do, but I couldn't wait to share what I had done so far:

and here is a close up of my portrait (very idealised I might add):


  1. Wow Peta I just love this. It is all so amazingly wonderful - the face is brilliant and I just adore the hair. You have a real talent my dear. The subtle starburst coming out of your head and the flourish clouds are awesome!!!!! I am sooooo pleased that you are creating and soooooo pleased to read that you are enjoying it. It is an amazing outlet and this piece of work is a real gem - it is very special. Keep up the awesome work champ because as you say you can not keep a good woman down!!!

    1. Thanks Jenny...the hair was sooo much fun to do, just cutting up bits of printed paper, that happens to have similar colours to my own (obviously not the grey though). I am happy with the way it turned out as it has been such an age since I last painted a portrait - dare I say over 20 years. Oh and of course the starburst & clouds are courtesy of my fav Basic Grey paper range.

  2. Peta, this shows what a true artist you are! It's really beautiful! And you are right-bad times don't define us but they strengthen us for sure! Hope you are doing well, friend. I have not forgotten you! :)