Saturday, January 19, 2013

Revelation, inspiration & creativity

I am very lucky to know quite a few creative people, people who inspire me. A few years ago when art journals made an appearance in the scrapbooking world, it was suggested I do one too...I wasn't sure what I would do, so declined - I liked the concept and what I saw, but it wasn't for me (at the time).

But this year all that may change, and it is basically because I got to see this amazing womans work up close & personal last week: I also read a really great article about art journals which makes starting one not quite so daunting:

This year I have decided that I am going to start an art journal, do more layouts and get my Project life stuff organised (I did not say DO Project Life). I am not sure yet if I will have to go back into isolation again, but I will be off work for a bit recovering from my fourth lot of surgery shortly, so instead of just making cards (or even), I thought I would change things up a bit this time so I will post what I do, when I can.

So thank you to my crafty friends for your inspiration and your creativity (and of course your friendship).


  1. Oh Peta - I feel very touched and honoured that my work has inspired you and I am soooooo glad that you were because you are good!!!!! Thank you for your incredibly kind words and I feel really pleased that you are having fun and exploring new creative angles at this very difficult time for you. Lots of love Jenny xx

    1. I decided the no pressure approach may be best this year and that seems to have been the best idea. This year I am doing it for classes, no design teams, no card a day, just what I want to do, when I want to do it. There is no doubt though, hanging out with other crafty people makes it easier.