Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prima doll tags

I really LOVE the Prima doll stamps as I have mentioned in previous posts and have had fun lately creating these tags. They just make me happy.....(my absolute favourite is Doll # 12, but I am also partial to Doll 1 & Doll 7)

Doll 1

Doll 2

Doll 3

Doll 4

Doll 5

Doll 6
Doll 7

Doll 8

Doll 9

Doll 10

Doll 11

Doll 12
I loved inking and spraying the tags and then dressing the dolls and fitting the right one to the right tag and finding embellishments to finish them off. I have stamped most of them on old dictionary paper, but think I much prefer the way the ink sits on heavier weight paper.
You may have noticed how I mixed around some of the dresses. I love it when an image is versatile...more bang for my buck.


  1. Wow PETA twelve gorgeous dolls. You have done an amazing job and I love them all. I agree with your selection of favourites....I alsonespecially love 12. I also recognise some of the dresses and wings!!!

  2. haha I was wondering if you would spot them. waste not, want not! Thank you for your inspiration & lovely words.

  3. Peta - these are AMAZING! I am not a multi media girl - but you, my dear, rock that creative space! I love them all!

    1. Thanks Cathy. You really should give it a go, it's very therapeautic and if you "make a mistake" you just go over it or stick something on

  4. Such cute dolls/dresses......does it remind you of the paper dolls from childhood?? Wonderful tags Peta. Deb x

    1. Thanks Deb, yes they do remind me of the ones I used to play with as a kid and I think that's why I love them so much. xx

  5. Oh wow! I never thought about exchanging heads.....genius! Love your work Peta!