Thursday, October 10, 2013

Project Life - the catchup

I had a lightbulb moment the other day, one of those great AH HA moments where everything made sense. I finally realised why I seem to always be late with the making of and posting of my PL layouts even though I am only doing it a month a layout....It is because: I AM NOT a chronological scrapbooker.
I never have been and I obviosly never will. I have been scrapping for 13 years now and as I think you can tell by the layouts I post, they are all over the place time-wise. I mix the here & now with  baby photos of my teenagers.
Having realised that, I now feel no guilt for constantly playing catchup with my Project Life without further ado.....
Project Life - August 2013

Project Life - September 2013


  1. So glad that you have taken guilt out of the equation . Great pages.

    1. Thanks J. Gulit is so over rated. Just happy to be getting it, that is. The PL layouts are not creative, but they do tell a story- a visual diary so to speak. I have plenty of others that are & will be, not only the stories but my creative outlet.