Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scraproom Envy

Hi there, just a quick check in while I have a free moment. I have a couple of layouts and some cards to post soon, but thought I would ask how you scrap?
Most of my scrappy friends are lucky enough to have a craft room/space that they can create amazing things in....some are neat and compact, some are jaw droppingly amazing (yes, you Jenny!!).
I don't have such a space and have had to be creative in how I scrap.... I put together kits from my stash so that when I have the opportunity to use the kitchen table uninterrupted, I can whip out a kit, stamps, inks etc and play. I am not complaining as this suits me, but I do occasionally suffer from scrap room envy.
What is your scrap space like and how does it determine your process?


  1. Hi are welcome to come and join me in my scrap room whenever you like.
    Jenny cx

    1. Thanks Jenny, always love hanging out with you.