Monday, November 9, 2015

This is why I scrapbook

I started scrapbooking over 15 years ago and have taken photos for most of my life. My dad gave me a camera for my 10th birthday and it remains one of my favourite things to do. My friends and family are more surprised if I don't have a camera in my hand than if I do. (Even though my girls don't like me taking their photo's now, they still go through the old ones to use when posting on their friends Facebook pages for birthdays etc. so I must have done the right thing at one point.)

About the time I started scrapbooking, I took this photo of my eldest daughter at her first ballet concert and printed off a copy for my mother. She kept it in a frame on the bookcase and the other day bought it to me asking if she could have another as this one had deteriorated so badly (due to years of exposure to sunlight). Which leads me to why I scrapbook - not only to be creative and express myself artistically but to preserve memories and moments in time by containing them in acid free albums out of sunlight and dust's harms way.

I then had the task of looking through negatives to find the original photo and reprint it. A daunting task as while I am organised with photos, the negs are a bit of a nightmare. But I did find it without too much drama: 

I went & bought a negative/slide scanner and now have a new project, which considering the number of photos I have taken will be a huge task (as well as those of my Dad). This mean my scrapbooking and card making may have to take a back seat for a bit but I still hope to share on a regular basis, some creativity.

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  1. What journaling. I am so impressed that you kept and were able to find the negative of the gorgeous photo. And I mean super impressed!! But if anyone could it would be you.