Monday, May 14, 2018

Breaking the white page

I mentioned in my last post the dreaded white page and how it can sometimes paralyze my creativity.

I was inspired by Birgit Koopsen and a video showing a mini art journal made from Gelli I thought "why not make one and have a jumping off point for my art journaling".

I got out one of my larger gelli plates, brayer, paints and stencils and got busy just putting colour on the watercolour paper.
I then folded each page in half and stuck them together and bound them, then added a bit of stamping. I cut one of the pages in half and used on the outer covers. I had planned on leaving the covers and collaging on them, but started putting some of my new washi tape on and got a bit carried away and covered them completely - but I like it.

So no fear of the white page, because the pages are not white! Just a great start. I will post the finished pages as I do them, but for now - here is my handmade A5 journal: