Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Canvas Project 2018

I am seriously enjoying all the creating I've been doing lately and finding inspiration in the weirdest things.

I joined the Brooklyn Art Library's canvas Project, where we were given a word (mine was Brannigan) and a 4" x 4" canvas on which to create and send back. The canvases will be compiled in an encyclopedia and the canvases distributed to the participants. So I get someone else's - how exciing.

Now Brannigan is not a word I was instantly familiar with and imagine my surprise when I looked it up:


1. noisy quarrel
2. slang US a drinking spree

I decided on a bright layered background (over dictionary paper) using stencils and Dina Wakley Heavy Body paints... and then I got a bit stuck. Inspiration came in the form of the Deep Red Rubber stamp "Doc Martens" which I coloured with Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks and created cracks with a glaze.

It is now on it's way to the Library and I can't wait to see what is returned.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Book of Moments - Flip through

Let me tell you a story... about a Book of Moments

One glorious Winter weekend in Sydney recently, I got to attend the brilliant "Book of Moments" class taught by Seth Apter for Eat Cake and Create. It was held in the Studio Artes building in Hornsby (a great creating space)and we are very grateful to them for allowing us the use of their facility.

The two day class took us through using the front & back covers of a book, showing us a binding technique, embedding techniques, creating the inner pages and expressing ourselves. It was just amazing to see the variety of colours and themes produced. Some were deeply personal and some beautifully artistic , but all were stunning in their own way.

Seth also let us play with his new line of embossing powders "Baked Texture", so they also feature in the book.

Now my story....

When packing for this class, I randomly threw in flotsam & jetsam (as Seth calls it)- all those papers, tags, bits and bobs that I've accumulated over the last 18 years of paper crafting with no particular plan in mind.

So while going through the papers to use as the base, one of them was music paper "Loves Confession" and I joked with those at the table about how "I don't DO love", but went ok I will use it...then came across an old wedding photo (unknown), then a nursery rhyme, then an old school photo (unknown), the photo of an old man, a photo of an old lady, a postcard of mother & child (with a hilarious letter on the back)and text on another book page about love....so can you see where this was leading...

I turned all these beautiful bits into a narrative of travel, falling in love, raising a child, growing old, a tragedy and going back to the place it all started (France). 

So now apparently now "I DO Love" ....one thing is for sure, I LOVED this class and the end result:

The lock has been set into the front cover 

and some of the hidden treasures within