Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Life - May 2013 ...take 2

I did post this layout earlier but wasn't super happy with it, so have tweaked it a bit and can move on. I suppose that is one of the good things about this system is that you can quite easily do that.
Funny thing is, I went back & redid it after I had done the June layout....which will follow in another post.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prima doll tags

I really LOVE the Prima doll stamps as I have mentioned in previous posts and have had fun lately creating these tags. They just make me happy.....(my absolute favourite is Doll # 12, but I am also partial to Doll 1 & Doll 7)

Doll 1

Doll 2

Doll 3

Doll 4

Doll 5

Doll 6
Doll 7

Doll 8

Doll 9

Doll 10

Doll 11

Doll 12
I loved inking and spraying the tags and then dressing the dolls and fitting the right one to the right tag and finding embellishments to finish them off. I have stamped most of them on old dictionary paper, but think I much prefer the way the ink sits on heavier weight paper.
You may have noticed how I mixed around some of the dresses. I love it when an image is versatile...more bang for my buck.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Must share

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I spent a lovely day crafting with my Scrapdragon buddies (it's not a place, it's a stage in life)and I feel I must share some of the other talents that keep me inspired:
This lovely and might I add clever card was made by (the other Jenny)JennyC. It was thoughtful and creative, plus had a butterfly on it. This may be CASEd in the near future by yours truly.
And since we were talking Prima dolls previously...these absolutely STUNNING tags were made by Robyn, she even makes the backs of them beautiful and has little envelopes with messages in them - simply wow!

( the images have been removed for publication)

Friday, July 19, 2013

A little birdie told us it's your birthday...

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, just been a bit too busy to blog, with school holidays, working and now getting kids  into routine for back to school. I have been crafting and will have posts showing what I have been up to, but for now here is a birthday card I made for my gorgeous friend Jenny (from the Scrapdragons).
Now Jenny is a published cardmaker/scrapbooker, so the pressure was on to make a card that was "Jennyworthy", she loved it, so I guess I can breathe now. As an added bonus I got to hang out with her and some of my other lovely scrappy friends today and we celebrated her birthday even though it's not really until next week.
We had lots of fun playing with the Prima Doll stamps today, but go check out some of Jenny's amazing doll creations that she made previously and be inspired.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

An abundance of love

I had the best birthday ever last week and was terribly spoilt by lots of lovely people. I think I may have just about recovered and thought I would share a few of the special things I was given:
A new Willow Tree figurine to add to my collection:

I now have 2 Pandora bracelets and they are chock a block full of love & meaning...

The black one with the flower charm was waiting for me when I went into isolation the last eternal bunch of flowers from my lovely sister-in-law:Leonie, I have added a butterfly from my mum to represent the thyroid issues, so this bracelet is about my "Health".
The other bracelet was my birthday present from the same gorgeous sister-in-law along with the pearl charm. The other charms were from two of my friends that I went away with last weekend....the camera (because I am always taking photos) and the heart (because she <3's me) is from Annie and the gift charm was from Fee. That is why this bracelet represents "Happiness".
I received lots of other special gifts, but they will feature in the mini album that I am making about my birthday. After all I am only 50 once in my life and very grateful to have made it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Layout

Technically this one was made in June, but as we are now in July and who knows if I will get a chance to do any scrapbooking this month, I thought I'd better share it with you now:

Apologies for the poor quality, but the photos were so dark and the paper so light, that it was tricky getting the balance right.

And I am still on my "thing" of mixing old with new.... Old papers - can't even remember the brand, old stickers, brads and ribbon; new pennants from American Crafts (which you may have noticed on my "Such Fun" cards), and of course new washi tape.