Monday, May 14, 2018

Breaking the white page

I mentioned in my last post the dreaded white page and how it can sometimes paralyze my creativity.

I was inspired by Birgit Koopsen and a video showing a mini art journal made from Gelli I thought "why not make one and have a jumping off point for my art journaling".

I got out one of my larger gelli plates, brayer, paints and stencils and got busy just putting colour on the watercolour paper.
I then folded each page in half and stuck them together and bound them, then added a bit of stamping. I cut one of the pages in half and used on the outer covers. I had planned on leaving the covers and collaging on them, but started putting some of my new washi tape on and got a bit carried away and covered them completely - but I like it.

So no fear of the white page, because the pages are not white! Just a great start. I will post the finished pages as I do them, but for now - here is my handmade A5 journal:

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Sketchbook Project 2018

So last year I saw the Brooklyn Art Library post about their annual sketchbook project and thought "why not". I love a creative challenge ...or so I thought.

I started out in my head thinking about the theme that appealed to me the most - Texture. It' something I use in every art journal or mixed media item that I do. I love texture in my everyday life: fabrics, stone, nature in general...basically the feel of things. Touch & smell are mt two favourite senses, but I especially love that texture is something that can been seen as well as felt.

So to start with, I signed up for a sketchbook and eagerly awaited its arrival. It did not disappoint in it's snazzy little envelope and all those lovey clean white pages. And then I started and my original thoughts went flying out the window as I played and created some lovely pages. Now the pages, to be fair are made for sketching on and not really up to the heavy duty task of mixed media, so there were a few issues, but nothing that couldn't be overcome. 

Until, that is, I thought I was finished and started to flick through my book....only to find that one of the pages had been created upside down. Crushed, frustrated and just downright kicking myself, I removed the pages. Nothing could save it, so I decided to start afresh and substitute watercolour paper, so I had a stronger background to work on. I also decided to work on the pages before putting them back in the cover in case my head turned upside down again.

The deadline had been extended (thank goodness)and I thought - yes, I can do this. But then self doubt crept in and I got stuck with my narrative - stuck on blank white pages, even so far as to tell my friend on Saturday (28th April) that I wouldn't be sending it in as I couldn't finish it. On Saturday night I thought :don't be stupid - you know what you want to do, just do it" I did it. 

And off to the post office it went today - winging it's way across the ocean to Brooklyn, where I hope, my little book of texture finds a happy home among other works of art.


Monday, March 5, 2018

strength, blessings, together

It's been such a long time since my last blog - woeful. I have been posting what I've been up to on Facebook and Intagram, but seem to have neglected my poor little blog once again. She seems to draw the short straw each time....almost an afterthought.
So I decided to share the steps I've taken in creating this special piece for a special friend...
dress pattern paper on 5x5 canvas

added postage stamp & ticket

a layer of white gesso, Seth Apter stamps with Stazon inks

Seth Apter stamp embossed with Patina Oxide Embossing powder

edges embossed with Rocky Road embossing powder

photo, TH stickers and more Seth Apter stamps

a layer of Vintage Beeswax embossing powder over whole canvas

and another layer of Vintage Beeswax embossing powder 

 and the finished article

Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Artwork

August has been a whirlwind of a month with plenty of creativity along the way. I was busy adding more painted aprons to the Apron Project as well as my usual scrapbooking kits and art journal class - oh and a piece of artwork for a friend:

Art journal/canvas

Gelli Plate card class

August Page Pack Kit

Cards from August Pages to Die For kit

Double Page from August Pages to Die For kit

Single Page from August Pages to Die For kit

Four more aprons for The Apron Project

Art for a friend

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Apron Project 2017

What with one thing and another, I have not had the oomph required the past few years to participate in The Apron Project, but this year I hope I have made up for it. Let me start with sharing what it is all about:

Artists from across Australia and overseas unite to create works of art on aprons to support organisations serving women in crisis.  

In the last two years over 80 artists have presented more than 100 aprons and raised almost AUD20,000 for the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter.  Importantly they also raised awareness of the growing epidemic of Domestic Violence.  The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter services women in crisis in the community and is currently also working with the State and Federal governments to better the living opportunities once women leave the shelter and attempt to restart their life. 

I started off with one in mind, but she just wouldn't come out to play, so as I had been given another blank apron and I was already playing with my gelli plates and acrylics, this is the first apron that appeared:

The words and butterflies are iron ons by Donna Downey, the stitching is faux (49th & Market stamps)

My muse eventually appeared: she is a combination of fabric and acrylic paints and matching iron on butterfly to finish it off.

and here are Sallianne and I modelling the two aprons. 
The aprons shown here as well as the other awesome aprons created by artists from around the world will go up for auction online later in the year. I hope mine give joy.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Creative roundup for July

As mentioned in my last post, I had fun doing some classes with the amazing Seth Apter (I'm a huge fan of his work and products - he's also a really nice guy), but I've still been doing my own creating:

Using Seth's dies & stencils

July Art Journal class

PDF - July Single Page

PDF - July Double Page

PPK - July

Such Fun!!

A few weeks ago I spent the most awesome 2 days with Seth Apter (The Altered Page) and some incredibly talented and funny ladies at classes organised by Art is You.

Day 1 - was 52 Pickup and yup you guessed it - was based around a pack of playing cards. We painted and layered and had such fun. The affirmation cards are not complete yet, I made a start on 10 of them, but it will be an ongoing project which I will share here.

Day 2 - Mixed Media Mashup - again lots of paint techniques and layering and of course playing with Seth's great products - paint (PaperArtsy), stencils (StencilGirl)& stamps (IO & PaperArtsy) & inks.

"Why do it once, when you can do it twice...or twice when you can do it three times" Seth Apter