Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Canvas Project 2018

I am seriously enjoying all the creating I've been doing lately and finding inspiration in the weirdest things.

I joined the Brooklyn Art Library's canvas Project, where we were given a word (mine was Brannigan) and a 4" x 4" canvas on which to create and send back. The canvases will be compiled in an encyclopedia and the canvases distributed to the participants. So I get someone else's - how exciing.

Now Brannigan is not a word I was instantly familiar with and imagine my surprise when I looked it up:


1. noisy quarrel
2. slang US a drinking spree

I decided on a bright layered background (over dictionary paper) using stencils and Dina Wakley Heavy Body paints... and then I got a bit stuck. Inspiration came in the form of the Deep Red Rubber stamp "Doc Martens" which I coloured with Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks and created cracks with a glaze.

It is now on it's way to the Library and I can't wait to see what is returned.

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  1. Brannigan....like you I would have had to look the word up. I love your canvas...the colours, patterns and of course those Devine little shoes. Wherever did you get them. Really enjoying seeing all your art.x