Saturday, July 6, 2013

An abundance of love

I had the best birthday ever last week and was terribly spoilt by lots of lovely people. I think I may have just about recovered and thought I would share a few of the special things I was given:
A new Willow Tree figurine to add to my collection:

I now have 2 Pandora bracelets and they are chock a block full of love & meaning...

The black one with the flower charm was waiting for me when I went into isolation the last eternal bunch of flowers from my lovely sister-in-law:Leonie, I have added a butterfly from my mum to represent the thyroid issues, so this bracelet is about my "Health".
The other bracelet was my birthday present from the same gorgeous sister-in-law along with the pearl charm. The other charms were from two of my friends that I went away with last weekend....the camera (because I am always taking photos) and the heart (because she <3's me) is from Annie and the gift charm was from Fee. That is why this bracelet represents "Happiness".
I received lots of other special gifts, but they will feature in the mini album that I am making about my birthday. After all I am only 50 once in my life and very grateful to have made it.

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  1. I am so glad that you had a good birthday. You certainly received some lovely gifts but then you totally deserve them!!