Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Curiosity killed the cat ....almost

The other day I was taking photos of the Christmas tree and our cat decided. to check out the in particular caught her eye and she pushed her head through the handles of the gift bag.

What happened next was not caught on film as the camera got flung to the side as I went flying after her....with bag still around her neck, she tried to get out the cat flap but was foiled by the fact that the present in the bag was a parasol and would not fit. She (and I) came flying back through the house and she tried to get under my bed - her "safe" place. I managed to pick her up and remove the bag and eventually calm her racing heart. The present had to be rewrapped after checking for damage and was moved to the back of the tree, where hopefully it will remain  unmolested until tomorrow.

Beware of presents that leap out and attack you when snooping under the tree!

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