Saturday, July 21, 2012

School Layouts

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been working on the girl's high school albums, so thought I would share the who, what, when, where & why (well not all of it) of the process.

Way back when I first started scrapping in 2000, one of the first classes I took was for the front of a school album. It was a double page layout that featured a photo a year, so you got a sense of the changes in one hit. It consisted of 8 columns: one for meaningful words and 7 others, one for each year of primary school (K-yr6). I have seen variations of this done by other teachers over the years, each of them different, but with the same general concept.

Primary school albums for the girls were easy as I took a photo of them on their first day each year and this photo went on the front layout. Their class photo had it's own page and the facing page was a pocket page to hold their reports. Any other events that took place at school had it's own layout.

But high school presented challenges, not only did we have 2 A4 pages of class photos (each child's individual shot), but also the large portrait of my own children and I also wanted to include their reports. This why they sat until recently when I had a light bulb moment and acted upon it. Each year now consists of a single plastic sleeve and a hinged sleeve, so when you open at a year you see the portrait and the reports and the class photos are hidden. I will share these later, but for now here are the primary (well one of the two pages) and high school layouts for the front of the albums.

Primary (page1)

High School

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