Saturday, August 3, 2013

Project Life - June 2013

Here we are in August and I am only now getting around to showing you my June PL layout, funny how life sometimes gets in the way of documenting it.

June was a busy, busy month with lots of momentous events (a first love, a dislocated finger, a new phone and a 50th birthday, just to name a few) and then July was equally busy with school holidays and then a ski trip for my eldest (but that will come in the next PL post). 

For anyone interested I have found this really cool app (now that I have an iPhone) called "Collect" which is a useful tool if you are doing Project Life/Project 365 or just to keep track of who did what, when.
It is a calendar where you can link photo's to a day and make notes. These can then be printed (or not) and they look like Polaroid's, simply just cool.

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